Technical Services

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2023-01-17 11:58:23

Industrial computer cabinets

Products in this category are sure to appeal to those who work in places exposed to dust, moisture, large temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic interference. Industrial computer cabinets are suitable for protecting all types of screens, for example, printers, scanners, readers. With our products you can be sure that no cables will get tangled and your equipment will not overheat.

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2023-07-27 15:59:49

Life Science IT consulting

Our company provides services in the field of information technology. I provide Life Science IT consulting. Our range of services includes strategic advisory, custom implementation and validation. We always thoroughly analyze each process. We boast 20 years of experience to help optimize operations, reduce costs and minimize time to market.

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2023-07-28 13:25:54

GxP software

Especially for your company, we have prepared comprehensive IT solutions to make it as successful as possible and work efficiently. We offer GxP software that includes compliance audit, compliance engagement, compliance self assessment check, computerized system validation, quality assurance, and risk managmenet, among others.