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2022-06-03 09:04:26

Gastric balloon

Apart from numerous aesthetic medicine procedures, our private clinics specializes in treatment which improves the patients’ health in cases of sever obesity. KCM offers gastric ballon abroad - a small device which limits the size of your stomach, thus makes you feel full much faster. As a result you eat less and fairly quickly lose weight. The whole treatment is conducted by experienced specialists with the use of modern materials and equipment. Visit the website and become healthier and slimmer in no time.

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2022-05-23 10:58:52

Exclusive candles

We introduce to you our collection of luxurious and beautifully scented products. Exclusive candles are the best gift for every woman and man who care about harmonious interior design of their homes. The characteristic feature of our articles is a little surprise hidden inside - pieces of elegant jewellery, the value of which is up to £2,500! The products are based on natural soy wax, which is why they are also suitable for vegans. We’ll be happy to help you choose the best product that will make your autumn and winter evenings more pleasant.

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2022-05-19 14:59:35

Electric grease trap

Also known as GRU, an electric grease trap is a type of interceptor which uses heating. A heating element is used to liquefy fats, oils and grease which then rise to the surface. The FOG is then transferred into a dedicated receptacle. The residue has to be removed by the staff and emptied into a bucket for later collection by a waste disposal contractor. These kinds of interceptors are usually installed indoors. GRUs are typically set up under sinks. The solutions of this type require daily cleaning as well as maintenance.

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2022-05-16 15:53:32

Furniture Storage

If you own an antique chest of drawers or a beautiful, colonial wardrobe but it takes up too much space in your house, then we have the perfect solution for you! North East Removals offers furniture storage which is not only very convenient and cost-effective, but also very safe. Our warehouses are monitored 24/7 with CCTV! What is more, they are equipped with fire protection and alarms. Your belongings will be well taken care of, as our units have humidity control, they are heated, ventiled, and locked with keys.

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2022-04-26 18:56:30

Modern pacifiers

Provide your little one with what's best on the market - create a safe environment in their nursery, feed them with safe tableware, and give them toys made of non-toxic materials. What is more, you should take a look at modern pacifiers available in our offer. They are made of natural rubber latex, free from BPA, PVC and phtalates, which makes them perfectly safe for children. Every one of them has air holes and a security handle for even better safety. We offer a wide range of lovely, original designs in a beautiful, soft colour palette; check them out now!

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2022-04-20 14:06:04


Working on problems, including issues with relationships, depression or family, single-handedly can be challenging. Sometimes receiving professional help is the first step to getting better. Through creating a safe space and a genuine and interactive relationship with my clients, I allow them to open up and trust me with their issues. Counselling & Psychotherapy is intended for both, individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families. Our work is totally confidential. Every session focuses on making a positive and timely change.

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2022-04-20 13:58:16

Climbing gym software

Do you manage a sport centre? Great! We happen to know quite a lot about this industry and will be glad to help you solve all your problems. Our offer includes mainly a climbing gym software that will improve your daily work in many different ways. This tool will provide you with access control, webinars and online trainings, integration possibilities, technical support 24/7, customization according to your needs and constant updates. Use our products to be always modern and efficient at your work!

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2022-03-16 10:55:12

Spray tan

Are you preparing for your wedding or any other special occasion? Or perhaps you look a bit pale and you would like to have glowy, healthy-looking skin? You do not have to spend hours laying in the sun. We recommend a much less time-consuming and more comfortable alternative - get a spray tan at our beauty salon! In Vogue offers a professional airbrushing treatment, suitable for every skintone, from the palest to the darkest. We work on the best quality products, such as St. Tropez, Vita Liberata, Bellamianta.

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2022-03-07 13:51:49

Beauty salon

Modern equipment, highly qualified staff and professional approach towards every procedure make V Claire in Dublin, Ireland a very popular place amongst all women, who wish to undergo modern cosmetic procedure. This beauty salon specializes, for instance in permanent make-up with the use of conture method, cavitation peeling, anti-aging treatment, medical pedicure, cracked heel treatment, depilation and numerous other services. The full list of our services can be found on the website. Visit it and contact us!