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2022-10-10 15:55:13

Rat control

Looking for a local specialist who offers bespoke wasp control services in Dublin? Look no further – we are a professional company dedicated to protecting both residents and businesses in the area through effective pest prevention. Call our 24/7 answering service for quick and safe services available at competitive prices!

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2022-10-07 13:07:31

Tour operator Ireland

If you’re looking for an action-packed week in beautiful Ireland, then choose our tour operator. Especially for our clients, we’ve prepared a wide variety of trips which cover nearly every corner of this country. You’ll see the top tourist attractions as well as some hidden gems in the company of our expert guides.

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2022-06-03 09:04:26

Gastric balloon

Apart from numerous aesthetic medicine procedures, our private clinics specializes in treatment which improves the patients’ health in cases of sever obesity. KCM offers gastric ballon abroad - a small device which limits the size of your stomach, thus makes you feel full much faster. As a result you eat less and fairly quickly lose weight. The whole treatment is conducted by experienced specialists with the use of modern materials and equipment. Visit the website and become healthier and slimmer in no time.

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2022-05-23 10:58:52

Exclusive candles

We introduce to you our collection of luxurious and beautifully scented products. Exclusive candles are the best gift for every woman and man who care about harmonious interior design of their homes. The characteristic feature of our articles is a little surprise hidden inside - pieces of elegant jewellery, the value of which is up to £2,500! The products are based on natural soy wax, which is why they are also suitable for vegans. We’ll be happy to help you choose the best product that will make your autumn and winter evenings more pleasant.

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2022-04-20 14:06:04


Working on problems, including issues with relationships, depression or family, single-handedly can be challenging. Sometimes receiving professional help is the first step to getting better. Through creating a safe space and a genuine and interactive relationship with my clients, I allow them to open up and trust me with their issues. Counselling & Psychotherapy is intended for both, individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families. Our work is totally confidential. Every session focuses on making a positive and timely change.